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4 Yogic Recipes that We Should All Know and Use Frequently

Prepare your body and mind for these tips. Whether you do not know much about Yogic Nutrition, as if you know and are an experienced practitioner, you will be pleasantly surprised. Throughout history it has been discovered that Yoga is synonymous with wellbeing for being, but… Although it seems contradictory, many people experienced in Yoga undergo stages of discomfort, irritability, and disconnection during a session. Did it happen to you? Have you ever wondered why, if yoga is positive for your mind and body, you experience these unpleasant sensations? If so, pay attention. Your body is talking to you!...

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6 Best Nutritional Supplements for a Complete Vegan Nutrition

If you made the decision to go vegan, you’re surely wondering how to naturally substitute some nutrients from the animal products you left behind. You must know that there is a range of possibilities to make it healthy and happy. Easily and quickly, here we detail the 6 best nutritional supplements to get a vegan and healthy diet. Vitamin B12: the unconditional Do you feel tired, lazy, scattered? Be careful! One of the biggest problems for vegans is the proper consumption of this supplement. The lack of it causes these symptoms. All vegans must necessarily ingest this supplement because...

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