Do you feel tired, angry, and unmotivated?

The day ended and you still can’t fall asleep even though you can barely keep our eyes open…

These are common symptoms of the infamous “stress”, that many of us have suffered throughout our lives.

Even though it may sound silly, if we don’t stop the problem, it could lead to health complications down the line.

But… how to control it?

Don’t worry, there are natural and easy techniques that can tilt the battle against stress.


Here are some of them:

Take a deep breath

Simple yet powerful: Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply through your nose, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing sound…

Do not distract yourself with other thoughts, focus only on this exercise.

The best part is you can do this anywhere although it’s advised to be done in a place where you’re calm, comfortable, and without interruptions.

In a park, on your bed, on the beach, even on the bus…you decide where.

The important part is that breathing must come from the abdomen so that the greatest amount of air can enter to release the accumulated stress.

Pro tip: Practice this exercise while sitting with your back straight, place your hand on your chest and the other over your stomach without applying pressure.

Please, avoid tight clothes and take off your shoes if you can.

Many scientific studies back this method as does Suiz doctor, Leo Kofler, in his book, The Art of Breathing (1897).

Recently, researchers at the University of Stamford School of Medicine have validated the effectiveness of ancient relaxation technique.

Click here to read their findings.

Plus another article on the subject.

Breathing is the key of life.

Enjoy it and never worry about stress again. On the following video, you can see how to breathe to relax.


Pamper your body.

Allow some hands to massage your body so that it can release all the accumulated tension.

This is also an ancient form of relaxation.

Search for a fresh and nice place, preferably a bed or stretcher and ask someone you trust, a family member, significant other or friend to knead your back with their hands.

If you’d like, you could also hire a professional.

How do you give a relaxing massage? This video explains it step by step.



We often find ourselves too absorbed by jobs, routines, and responsibilities. So much so that we feel lost in this cycle.

We don’t know what irritates or bothers us…How to identify it? It’s simple: Write.

Starting by grabbing a piece of paper and jotting down all your thoughts.

Unleash all your feelings.

Afterward, you can get a diary or journal and express yourself in it.

While it might seem childish, writing in a diary gives us a space where we can reflect on ourselves, our emotions and goals.

It’s scientifically proven that writing frees our mind and lets our thoughts flow like a river…

That’s how we reach relaxation.

Music Therapy

We all love music and knowing we can use it as a stress remedy is tremendous!

Start by listening to softer melodies such as classical pieces or music that uses natural sounds.

Afterward, you could play anything that you like as long as it makes you feel calm, serene, or happy.

Sit in a comfortable spot and enjoy it.

Remember that music is the universal language by the grace of excellence.

Click here and listen to some.

Move Your Body

Exercise, there are several classes you could choose from like yoga, dancing, tai-chi, aerobics or whatever you like.

By doing this, your body can drain the accumulated stress.

Make sure to do it several times a week, enjoy a quality moment with yourself.

Relish the Scents

Use aromatic oil and herbs that allow you to relax…

You could apply them to your body through a massage, smell them from an oil lamp placed somewhere in your home or place a few drops in your bath water and submerge into a delightful treat.

Take a peek at this video to find out how to do it.

According to the website, Statistician’s Brain, a survey revealed that 73% to 77% of people show fiscal and psychological symptoms of stress in the U.S.

So, don’t be another number and free your mind and body with these techniques.