Let’s play a quick game.

Try to think about at least 10 people who don’t have a smartphone because they don’t like them.

It is hard, isn’t it?

And it’s because smartphones are everywhere.

But sometimes we are not aware of the real advantages of having a smartphone. It can definitely change the way we communicate with our loved ones, of course. But it can help us be healthier.

Want to learn how?

15 free workout apps to get your heart racing

The lack of physical activity, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality.

On the other hand, it is related to:

breast and colon cancers
ischaemic heart disease burden

Physical activity is “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure.”

Playing, working, active transportation, house chores, recreation activities, and exercising are types of physical activity.

The last one mentioned, exercising, is defined as “a subcategory of physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive, and purposeful in the sense that the improvement or maintenance of one or more components of physical fitness is the objective.”

Including any physical exercise in your schedule is a tremendous way to stay fit and healthy.

However, it can be difficult to plan a determined physical activity.

Especially when you don’t know where to start.

Regularly going to a gym can be an option.

But what if I told you that it can be easier than that?

As said in The Daily Dot, “an effective workout is a quick download away with free workout apps that can motivate everyone, from the laziest loungers to fitness freaks.”

Here are the top 15 workout apps you should try.

1. Sworkit

“Sworkit (short for ‘simply work it’) is on a mission to minimalize your routine and make working out simple,” as stated in The Daily Dot.

In this app you can find:

  • Cardio
  • Yoga
  • Strehgth training
  • Stretching routines

Promising review: “Sworkit it such a great app. I really recommend it! If you want to get stronger, more flexible, and more healthy, then this is the app for you!” — Oh yah that’s right

2. C25K

“The point of the app is to show users that not everyone was born a runner—but you can easily transform into one.”

C25K helps you during your journey to become a runner.

Promising review: “I’ve never jogged in my life and I had poor cardio endurance. I had never jogged more than a minute and a half, even that was a struggle. I am a physical therapist assistant so I know a little about exercise. I believe this app has helped me lower my hate rate and build up endurance.” — Mishi 8402


3. Nike + Training Club

If there’s anything cooler than being friends with a celebrity, it’s training with them.

“The app includes more than 85 instructor-narrated workout routines curated by Nike professionals, pro athletes, and celebrities like Glee star Lea Michele, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, and personal trainer Ary Nunez, who trains Rihanna.”

Promising review: “I recommend the Nike Training App to people of all fitness levels who want variety and like to follow a planned workout. It helps motivate you with soothing–or sexy–voices, the sessions are designed by professionals and it’s so easy to use.” — Odyssey

4. Strava

If you’re into running or cycling, this app may be for you.

Promising review: “Great app for beginners and long-time cyclists/runners.

I’ve never run before, and this app has helped me get better and better, to the point where I actually enjoy running and am motivated to beat my PB’s and distances.

[I] would recommend to anyone wanting a great, easy tu use and easy to understand fitness app.” —Ben Fawcett, Google User 

5. Charity Miles

This easy-to-use app is a great chance if you want to help other people while being healthy.

The concept is simple.

For every mile you run, you will be helping more than 30 worldwide charities.

Great, huh?

Promising review: “[…] I really appreciated such compassionate app that allowed me to have to honor to help others despite my financial situation. Plus it really encourages me to exercise, which is truly my weakness.” — Yu Huei Chen, Google user.

6. Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is also a good app for those who love running and want to learn about the best running routes in their cities.

7. Personal Trainer: Home Workout

“Personal Trainer: Home Workout makes users want to work harder knowing they’re getting a trainer-tested fitness routine,” according to The Daily Dot.

It’s a good choice if you want a virtual trainer.

8. Qinetic

This app (which refers to “kinetic”, from the ancient Greek: κίνησις “kinesis”, movement or to move) has a clear statement:

To keep your body moving.

They offer you yoga classes, strength training, high-intensity interval training and more.

9. Freeletics Bodyweight

If you want to exercise, but you don’t have the equipment, this app might work for you.

“The best thing about this app is that it uses your exact body weight effectively, offering weight-free workouts that fit your weight loss (or gain) goals,” explains The Daily Dot.

10. 30-Day Squat Challenge

30-days challenges have become popular because who doesn’t love challenges?

This simple app is amazing if you want to train your legs.

11. Runtastic Results

This app “lets you have a say in what you want out of it, letting users customize your own workouts for free.”

12. Adidas All Day

If you’re more an Adidas fan, you’ll love this app.

And if you know how important mental health is, you’ll love this, too.

“The app does more than just keeping you physically in shape, it focuses your mental health as well by giving you incentives like thinking of 5 things you’re thankful for during your morning routine.”

13. Google Fit

Google has the answer for almost everything.

They offer you many free services, including this fitness app, which it’s amazing.

“Google Fit lets you set goals throughout the week and tracks your steps in the background of your phone each day so you can watch your progress.”

14. Cyclemeter

It is one of the “most advanced mobile apps for cyclists”, and allows you to track your rides.

Cyclemeter will record your time, speed, and elevation, which you’ll be able to graphically see later.

15. MINDBODY Fitness and Wellness

Although this app isn’t exactly one that gives you at-home workouts for free, MINDBODY helps users find deals in their city to help them save money if they’re the membership type.

The Best Paleo Diet Apps of the Year

It is known that a good diet is part of a healthy body and mind.

In fact, eating the right food can also help you to achieve a healthy aging.

The problem? Finding the right recipes can be an odyssey.

But, hey, it’s the 21st century and technology can help us with almost everything.

If you’re looking for great paleo diets, these apps might help you.

1. Paleo Diet Plan

Available for Android, “is a comprehensive look at what the paleo diet is”, according to the description found in the Play Store.

Health Line explains:

“You can learn about paleo, get a meal plan, and start tracking your diet. If you need meal or snack inspiration, this app has you covered there, too.”

Promising review: “So far it has been very easy to navigate through the different sections of the program. It is very easy to read and understand. The recipes are straightforward and easy to make, even if you aren’t really a cook.” — Robin Kessler, Android user.

2. Paleo Leap

This free app, available for both iPhone and Android, offers you “over 900 recipes” in categories such as:

  • red meat,
  • poultry,
  • fish & seafood,
  • soups,
  • salads,
  • sweets & snacks,
  • and many others.

Promising review: “This is an AWESOME app! It is now my favorite app (happy dance)!! Not only does it provide amazing and mouthwatering recipes, it also explains the Paleo lifestyle, provides articles, provides useful tools such as a carb calculator and nutritional information on a large selection of foods… AND it is FREE!” — Rowan6, iPhone user.

3. Paleo Plate

Paleo Plate is an iPhone app is described by Health Line as “the perfect app” for those foodies following the Paleo Diet.

It has more than 150 recipes for:

  • breakfasts,
  • main dishes,
  • side dishes,
  • and desserts.

Promising review: “Short & sweet… If you’re interested in paleo this app is great! So much to choose from & something for everyone! Aside from great recipes, the layout and art are very well designed! You won’t regret this one:)” — Sean’s Isha, iPhone user.


4. Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo — a Webby award-winner — gives you the chance to chose between more than 145 recipes.

Sadly, this app isn’t free.

But users are completely happy with it. “I’ve never paid more than $2 for an app but I loved Michelle’s website so much I thought I would spring the extra dough (haha) to get her app on my iPad. Great decision,” said an iPhone user.

5. Stupid Simple Paleo

Both iPhone and Android users can track their meals with this app.

For those who eat Paleo and want to lose weight, this is a solid option. As explained by Health Line:

This app helps you set caloric and macronutrient levels and log your daily foods. There are currently more than 500,000 foods in their database, but just in case your favorite isn’t there, you can scan barcodes and add them to your food list.

Promising review: “Stupid Simple Paleo makes following a low carb, paleo diet just that – stupidly simple. Great features allow you to customize your macronutrient ratios according to your specific goals. That gives me the flexibility to follow an eating plan that splits the difference between paleo and ketogenic. Great app!” — PS from NJ, iPhone user.

6. Caveman Feast

In the words of Caveman Feast’s developers: “there’s nothing really revolutionary about the Paleo diet.”

While this paid app is only available for iOS users, it offers a great variety of recipes like:

  • Paleo French toast,
  • blueberry espresso brownies,
  • sweet potato pasta,
  • and caveman shepherd’s pie.

And, according to Health Line, Caveman Feast will help you achieve your biggest health goals.

Promising review: “I don’t normally write reviews for apps as I need to really be wowed in order to do so. Well, this app has done just that… I am wowed! The updated app goes above and beyond all expectations, I had for it and is a must for anyone following a Paleo lifestyle or looking to begin in the Paleo world.” — Shelley Beigh, iPhone user.

7. Paleo Diet Recipes Pro

There’s no such thing as enough Paleo recipes.

The more recipes you know and can try, the better.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration while preparing a meal, you can give this app a try. It features more than 300 recipes, and when you find your new favorite recipe, you can bookmark it.

Promising review: “Love the layout, the pictures, the steps. The best thing is knowing I have a robust list of recipes with cooking instructions. The ingredient list makes my shopping easier.” — Zakir H. C., Android user.

If you try any of these apps, please let us know in the comments.

We would love to know if they work for you!