Who has not been on a diet?

I have been on a diet, I’m sure you have too.

My mom, my dad, my friends, many of my family members. There’s always someone who’s on a diet.

But something happens.

Many of the methods to lose weight currently available on the market can be nocive to your physical and mental health.

For example, dieting can lead to obsessive thoughts and a low self-esteem. Also, as read here, “people who diet frequently are more likely to experience depression.”

And it won’t stop there.

When it comes to physical damages, being frequently on a diet can increase the risks of suffering from obesity—as contradictory as it sounds—, heart diseases, loss of bone density, etc.

In the end, your body receives a negative impact.

You may ask then what’s left.


Is there even a method that actually works?

Well, actually, yes. There are. There’s a lot of methods that actually work without bringing a negative impact to your body and mind.

Can you imagine what I’m talking about?

I’ll tell you what are those methods, but you must promise me—and promise yourself—the next:

Even when the road is long, you will notice a change if you are constant. Then you will feel like never before.

So, are you ready?

First, set a realistic and clear goal

Think about it. What are the main reasons you have decided to go on a diet?

Many of us start a new diet for a simple reason: to look better.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that this is not a valid reason. But it is not consistent enough to take you anywhere.

I’ll explain myself.

When we start a diet hoping for something superficial, we’re looking for results that other people can appreciate. But it doesn’t mean that we’ll feel those changes.

In other words:

If you want to look good, you’ll just want that. You’ll think about what’s external, not what’s happening inside you.

Or maybe you want to lose weight in order to find your loved one. But when you find them…


No diet will matter, you’ve already reached your goal.

Once again, I’m not saying that those reasons are negative or disposable.

But those results will vanish faster than you may expect.

But wait.

In fact, I can understand if that’s what you want. We’re always facing the pressure to look “good” in order to be desirable.

However, the only way you will reach durable results is by asking yourself the reasons why you want to go on a diet.

Is that you want to prevent a disease?

Do you want to avoid health issues?

Do you need more energy? Is it that you want a new routine? Do you want to be more active? Do you need to stop smoking?

Believe me. Those are reasons that will actually take you beyond your goal.

If you build a set of reasons why you want to go on a diet like the ones I just said, you’ll have a healthier lifestyle. You’ll want to do good to your body.

So, before you start, you need to think why you’re about to start a new diet.

And if you have already tried a diet, you’ll see how everything changes this time.

Choose wisely

We all know what diets are about.

Basically, they can be summarized in just one sentence:

Sacrifices and stop eating a million of things.

That’s why we all internally scream when we hear the word “diet”.

But I’ll tell you something.

Diets are not required to be like that.

At least the good ones.

I remember this friend from school and his sister. Since they were kids, they suffered from overweight, which gave them bad consequences to their health.

Their worried mom took them to multiple nutrition specialists until they found the right one, whose solution seemed contradictory:

“In order to lose weight, your kids do not need to avoid eating. They need to eat more.”


As you can read.

After a couple of considerations, my friend’s mom started preparing more food for them. In fact, they used to eat five times a day.

In just two months, my friend changed a lot.

And he didn’t look bad.

He didn’t take any substance.

He never stopped eating. He never starved.

He ate more, but he ate better.

“It’s all about making a smart choice to build an overall healthy dietary pattern.”

Including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes, fish, healthier fats and avoiding some things will give you a great variety of nutrients.

Without noticing, you’ll be dieting.

And it is not necessary to build an intensive calendar with absolutely every meal you’ll prepare in a week— but it is something valid if you’re a really organized person.

Just by having your kitchen full of healthy food, even the simplest improvisation will be healthy and full of nutrients.

And, guess what, if you have good eating habits, it will help you to achieve a healthier aging, just as we explained here.

Exercise yourself, no matter how hard it is

Yes, it sounds like a cliché.

But exercising is and will always be one of the greatest techniques to keep in shape.

It’s true that results won’t be seen immediately, but the impact of regular exercise go beyond from losing weight.

“By exercising you will: improve your memory, have a better posture, boost your confidence, de-stress, sleep better, have more energy, and a lot of things more.”

And you’ll think that’s great, but it may be difficult for you to start a routine.

Maybe you’re not sure about going to a gym.

But you can actually exercise from home and you won’t need any equipment.

You can also check this routine to get some inspiration.

“That’s awesome, but I’m always tired and I don’t find the motivation to exercise.”

Well, you can try this:

Before you go to bed, think about what you’re going to have for breakfast.

Think about that delicious meal you love, or think about trying something new.

But set a condition:

You’ll only get that meal if you exercise.

That way, you’ll be able to wake up earlier, do some exercise and then taking that incredible breakfast you’re craving for.

But, of course, one does not get healthy in just one day.

It’s a whole process that requires consistency and willingness. And good techniques, for sure.

And now that we’re here…

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